Club membership is free. Our Tuesday evening play is restricted to adults, those in high school or older. Junior players rated 900+ are welcome to play in our weekend tournaments.

Our membership includes ages fourteen to over seventy. We have rated players from 400 to 2200+. Several experts and an occasional master play in our tournaments.


We seek to provide relaxed, congenial chess for adults. Some members like slow games others prefer blitz. Some want rated play, others don't. We offer them all.

We charge minimal entry fees and offer no cash prizes at our tournaments. The atmosphere remains relaxed with a focus on chess not money. It's a niche we try to fill.


Maret Thorpe

Maret Thorpe — USCF Data
Founder, Player and Tournament Director
1735 Wesley
Evanston, IL 60201
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Tom Sprandel — USCF Data
Founder, Player and Tournament Director Emeritus

Michael Matek — USCF Data
Blitz Director, Tuesday night chess

Frank Lasch — USCF Data
Tuesday night chess

Mark Jutovsky — USCF Data
Tuesday night chess